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New Era for Men's Jewelry
Million-Dollar Ring for Hundred of Dollars!

Satéur® is identical to diamond with naked eyes.

“Love it! When I initially opened the package, I was taken aback by how authentic it appeared. It has some weight to it and does have a premium feel. ”
   William M.

No.1 Diamond Alternative Engagement Ring for Men.

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Satéur™.

Why Satéur Homme?

Ground-breaking Men’s Ring Collection

Experience the timeless jewelry mastery of Satéur. Unrivalled craftsmanship meets sparkling Satéur stone to create a definitive diamond alternative ring for modern men. Up to 3.5 carat Satéur stone, identical to diamond with the naked eyes while costing only 1% of its price!

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Satéur™.

Satéur™ is created using our exclusive, innovative, cutting-edge technology never known before and cannot be differentiated from a diamond with the naked eyes.

World’s Most Popular Diamond Alternative On The Internet!

With over 50 million engagements on social media, and customers in 113 countries, Satéur is the world’s most popular diamond alternative on the internet!

Looks like Diamond, right? Well, this is really Satéur.

No.1 Diamond Alternative Engagement Ring for Men! At Satéur, we offer you a sparkling Satéur stone on par with diamonds, of the best possible quality, at an affordable price and basically perfect on cut, clarity, color, and shape. Satéur Stones™ are almost perfect and can be compared to a perfect white diamond (D or E) color. Without any professional equipment, Satéur Stone™ CAN NOT be visually differentiated from diamond. Think about that!


Discover the Satéur Homme® – No.1 Diamond Alternative Ring for Men

Customers Reviews

Top Rated with 4.9 Stars + Over 100,000+ Happy Customers

Absolutely Stunning!
“What can I say...this is absolutely elegant!!! I mean, I'm blown away by this ring! I purchased in March (wife paid) and received it within 5 days. ”
Robert T.
South Africa

Can't be happier!
“I have two of these men’s ring and find that they’re very elegant. My friends always ask me where I bought them and already recommended Sateur™ for their speedy delivery time frame.”
Peter D.
United States

I am obsessed!
“I just received mine, and it is simply amazing! Better hurry up and get the band to go with it. I'm blown away. I'm completely smitten with it!”
Joseph H.
Hong Kong

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